The fastest way to become powerful beyond measure is to realize that you already are. Deep within, you have always known your radiating brilliance. Welcome back to your True Self.


I’m Krystal, an international Tantra Yoga Teacher, Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, and Empowerment Coach. I passionately believe that my purpose in this existence is to guide you into the deep remembrance of your True Divine Nature. We are already whole, healed, and perfect at our core, but due to the stresses and distractions of everyday life we have forgotten the Goddesses and Gods within. 

Originally from Canada, I’ve been exploring Earth full-time for over a decade. As a young woman, I struggled with issues such as eating disorders, alcoholism, highly abusive relationships, low self-worth and zero self-love. After ending up in the hospital multiple times and living in women’s shelters I finally decided to take a major leap of faith and bought a one way ticket to China. That is where I first began sharing my story with other women facing their own struggles in domestic violence. Over sixty countries later I’m still traveling and sharing, always absorbing as a student and offering all I can as a teacher. 

During this time I’ve dived deeply into ancient religions, cultures and belief systems, I so badly wanted to know the meaning of this life and how to obtain true happiness. It took me sixty countries, hundreds of temples, churches and ashrams to eventually discovery that all the answers were within my-self the whole time. I’ve been fortunate to study under powerful teachers, gurus, shamans and true Goddesses from diverse communities and tribes around the world. With the realization that I hold all that I’ve been seeking in my own Divine essence, I awoke to the Goddess within, who had been with me all along, craving to be recognized and honoured. 

After years of soul searching around the world, I decided to drop out of University to become a yoga teacher and fully follow my passion of empowering women who are going through similar struggles as I have in the past. I share my personal story openly with the intent to guide others to reconnect with their personal Divinity, shed limiting beliefs from the past, and rediscover their highest potential, purpose and power. While I grew up with a deep-rooted fear of using my voice, I knew that sharing my story with other women was more important than my small ego fears. We are in a time that we all must rise up and share our stories, for those who still cannot. We are the privileged ones; the ones who have the choice to become everything we can and are meant to be.

I’ve studied yoga throughout the world and am certified in five paths, finding my true passion in non-dual traditional Tantra. My classes and retreats include a unique fusion of tantra, kundalini, vinyasa and free movement, with an emphasis on awakening Shakti and balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies within. My classes are very sensual as I believe in deeply embracing the sacred senses in order to make everything in our lives a form of blissful meditation. I am also passionate about Hindu and Greek Mythology and include the Archetypes in my teachings, viewing them as icons of consciousness; energies we can tune into for our own personal growth. 

There is much confusion about tantra in the west. It is not only about sex, it is ALL of life and being fully present, right here and now. God and Goddess are not outside of us, but within. Every day we have the opportunity to reach bliss and ecstasy right here in this physical world, using our Temple bodies as gateways to higher states. Using our breath to anchor into this moment and make the absolute best of it. I don’t consider myself to be a teacher of anything new, but a guide here to remind you of your highest potential and innate ability to live the life of your wildest dreams. 

In 2018, I released my first book; Awakening the Goddess: 33 Sacred Practices for Healing, Self-Love and Embodying the Divine Feminine. This is an accumulation of all the practices and rituals I discovered around the world during my own deep healing and awakening journey. It has been a blessing to share this sacred knowledge and my personal journey with the world. In 2019, I released For The Love of Self: A Transformational Journal, which is an opportunity to go even deeper into the daily practices I have used for myself and clients to rediscover and fall deeply in love with your Self. I currently host tantra yoga retreats around the world through my company Awakening Retreats ( 


Blessed Be Beautiful Beings,

Krystal Aranyani

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